Style shoot in Paris Being Creative with our craft

I try to keep up with my blog and post regularly to keep everyone happy! This may not be working as well as expected! My passion is eating me alive and I spend more time behind the camera and little with my blog! I produce a lot not only with wedding photography but also with more editorial, corporate and fine art projects. I have a family, love my partner and kid. It is difficult to please everyone & I have to apologize for not having a strong presence online. There is not enough time in a day. Plus I am old school, I would much rather schedule a “get together” at one of our local cafe once a month and chat about photography with everyone. It would be a more casual approach, true to who i am rather then increasing my online presence , my noise glued to my computer screen.  Most of my clients live abroad and connect via my website. I have set up an instagram account which might do the trick! @weddinglight This might be the way to catch up with us.

I like human contact, meeting new people is fun and I prefer to let my photography speaks for itself. I would like to share a serie of photographs that i shot in Paris recently. I collaborated with a few friends to produce this work, we had a great time doing it. I hope you will enjoy going through those few photographs. You can visit our photography gallery page to see a more complete story of our Paris photo story or head to our instagram page @weddinglight.

Wedding gown : Amarildine.

Hair and Make up : Kaya

Flowers and design : Miyoko for ” Une Maison dans les arbres

Kaya is a great hair and make up artist with over 10 years of experience in advertising and editorial. She is a frequent contributor to Chanel, Elle, L’Officiel, Harpers Bazaar. She is a lot of fun to work with and is highly creative both with hair and make up.  Miyoko is my long time partner in crime, she is a multi talented artist with a background in design. She has made a name for herself focusing on dried flower arrangements for brands and individuals alike in Paris. They both have a unique sense of style and it was a real pleasure to collaborate with the two of them on this Parisian style shoot.


Paris wedding photographer