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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you travel in Europe for a private photo shoot?

We are based from Paris and specialize in destination wedding photography and video services in France and abroad. Living in Paris, we are located three hours from London, same from Geneva, a few hours to Provence and the south of France. We love travelling in Europe and would be happy to photograph your engagement story anywhere in europe. 

We have different options for your Paris photo session and a day rate for anywhere outside of Paris. We love travelling and meeting new clients. 

Can you describe your couple photo session in Paris?

Our Paris engagement and pre-wedding photo session are fun and shot in a relaxed manner. I am fast and efficient with tons of experience to make the afternoon memorable. We are of course open to any suggestion and idea that you may have. We usually meet our client at their hotel and grab a cab to the ils saint louis where we normally start our photo session. From the ils saint louis, we can walk to the lock bridge, the seine and Notre Dame. From there we can pop over to the Louvre, the tuilerie gardens and the place de la concorde. We take you on a walking tour of the city. Occasionnal cabs can be taken to go to the Eiffel tower. Depending on teh amount of time available, we can easilly incorporate a change of clothes should you wish. There are plenty of cafes where you could get changed on the way.

How do you approach your Paris portrait session?

Not everyone is confident in front of the camera. Part of my job is to quickly make you feel at ease in front of the camera. I will help you with some poses but most impotant is to make you feel at ease and enjoy the moment with your partner.

The aim is to create beautiful photorgaphs with Paris in teh background. We would take you for a romantic walk along the streets of the city from the main landmark sites to our favorite hidden places. It is a cajual and happy few hours that you will spend with your photographer. Our style of photography is mainly photojournalistic and portrait orientated. 

What should we bring and how should we dress?

You Paris photo tour, wether pre wedding, engagement, or a family portrait sessionis a special event that commemorate your love for each other. It is the occasion to dress up. High heel, a little dress, suit for the man and a matching tie. Think matching colors, simple is best. Wear something comfortable though, stylish and a little sexy. Do not forget another pair of walking shoes for longer photo shoot. It is better not to carry unnecessary bags with you as I often shoot along the way. You want your hands free to hug and hold each other.

How do you describe your style of photography?

Photography is like storytelling to me. I capture everything from portraits to candid intimate moments in a fun manner. My positive energy, attitude and love for my craft keep my clients at ease and I'll go through any lengths to get the perfect lighting and frame. I do everything; weddings, elopements, private portraits and social events. Photography is my passion and i want to share it with you.


How soon will you have access to our photographs?

I will need time to edit and ensure the quality of the final set of photographs, but i make sure to have your photos ready in two to three weeks. I know you'll be exited to see and share them, so i wont make you wait too long. 

Could you recommend vendors such as hair and make up?

We work with well trusted and established hair and make up artist in Paris who have worked in teh industry for numerous years from editorials to commercials, CD covers, ect... I would be more then happy to put you directly in touch with them so that you can arrange for such services directly at your hotel the morning of the shoot. 

We can help you organize a luxury car with chauffeur to take you around the city as well. We have been working with victor for years, born and raised in Paris, he knows the city by heart.

THere are a few stores that specializes in wedding and evening gown rental in teh city as well. We would be more then happy to help you rent a beautiful designer gown for your special occasion.


What is the best timing for your photo tour in Paris?

Depending on the season, the best time to shoot in Paris may vary. It is always best to shoot early morning or late afternoon to optimize the quality of the final photographs. You may want some sunset of night photography including in you rpackage as well. It is often a matter to fine tune the timing a few days prior to the shoot. The best is always early morning for portraits in Paris. Not only the quality of the light is best, you would have the city all for yoursef. 

Do you only offer walking tour of the city?

We are open to any suggestion that you may have. we can walk around the city to choosen locations. Our three hour photo package is perfect for a couple who want to enjoy the city walking around while they are being photographed. I usually take my clients along the seine where you will find some of the most exiting Parisian landmarks. I would recommend that you take a pair of sneakers with you just in case. It is an easy walk but resting your feet here are there might be necessary depending on teh option you take. We can always grab a cab which sometimes takes a little wait. Note that the eiffel tower is out of the way, an average taxi fare is €10.

In the case you wish to go to locations such as Montmartre, The eiffel tower, luxembourg gardens, trocadero and so on, we would recommend a luxury car service. 

What about the weather?

Woody Allen says that Paris is the most beautiful city when it rains! In case  of light rain, a good looking umbrelly might just do the trick ... and Yes Paris can be gorgeous with a little drizzle. There are many places we can shelter and keep on taking photographs. I would always check on the weather prior to the photo session. We would be prepared. We can always take a break and have a coffee or possibly reschedule for the next day.  

How do I process the photos?

Once the editing is done, I process the set of photos one after the other in photoshop so that i can enhance the tones, contrast, and make sure that every photo you get is perfect adn ready for printing. Some clients may request some black and white photographs added to the set. This is just fine. There is no special extras added to the final product. I add every photos that is interesting to the set for your enjoyment.