Lifestyle pre wedding photo session in Paris

Paris engagement photo session with a cool couple from Malasia. Ken and Julie were looking for a couple of hours of photography around the national Opera house. If you care for a lifestyle pre wedding photo session while visiting Paris for a few days. Get in touch, I would be delighted to take you around town for a couple of hours of photography. Alternatively we can put together a romantic mini video clip with the city in the background. Paris is a gold mine for gorgeous background. It is a real treat to have a professional photographer taking some fun, natural yet stylish and creative photographs with your love while in Paris.  I have a lot of experience in making people at ease in front of my camera, so if you are a little camera shy, well no not worry!

We can meet up at the Eiffel tower early morning! Why early morning, well because you will have the city all for yourself. At this time of the year, I would suggest meeting at 7.30 am at the Trocadero so that we have a heart beating view of the Eiffel tower at sunrise. The light at this time of the day is usually quite gorgeous. I would suggest we spend the first hour around the Eiffel tower then we can hand pick a couple of more locations such as the river banks, one of the park, l’ile saint Louis or the Louvre. Ill stop here, but I could actually extend the list greatly including Montmartre, Saint germain des près, etc ….

Ill ask you to pamper yourself for the occasion; that is hair and make up, dress up a little for the occasion, and give me a couple of hours ( sometimes more ) of your time! I will produce a great selection of visuals which you will be proud to post on your facebook page and all of the social media platform that you can think about. Your friends will go ” WOW ” you are making me jealous!!

A trip to Paris is the perfect opportunity to revamp your selection of cool photographs for your instagram as well. It is one thing to do a selfie, but hey there are only so much you can do with your iphone, don’t you agree? You can head to my portrait page should you wish to have an insight of my photographic work. I shoot in a lifestyle manner. I have worked with numerous editorials such as the NY times, Marie Claire, The Australian, Stern, Gourmet traveller, etc. I have a style of shooting which is quite fun and free style. Here is my portrait page for some more of my professional work, have a look, reach out for questions if you have and lets nail a date and time around Paris while you are in town.


I have just shot a fun pre wedding session in Marrakech by the way, here is the link as well. It is all fun. And do remember early morning is always best, which is fine for you guys as you have just traveled the world to get to Paris, you are jetlag and there is a chance that an early morning call will get you out by mid morning, or midnight!


Paris pre-wedding photographer



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