Winter wedding in Megève France

There is not one wedding like the next one. Traditions, cultures, style, personalities of the wedding couple & families and friends always differ. This is the real beauty of being a wedding photographer. This time I as off to Megève at the beginning of the skying season.I kept on checking the weather forecast for weeks prior to the big day! The weather had been quite mild in the Alps over christmas, well until just a few days before we were set to drive down to Megève. We did arrive in a snow storm. No need to say we were utterly exited! We had lots of snow over the three days we were in the gorgeous alps! We even managed to borrow some skies on our last day. Elisa and Morgan’s wedding was a wonderful experience. We had a blast really, hanging out with the nicest people. It did not stop snowing over the three days we were there. Great memories of the perfect all white wedding.

Winter wedding in Megève

Winter wedding in Megève

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