Wedding portraits in Paris

Fun, classic & elegant wedding portraits in Paris

I am often asked how long does it takes to take wedding photos in Paris! I am quite often tempted to say “ALL DAY” simply because it is truly a lot of fun to do! Most of the time you do not have that much time to have that much fun around Paris with clients though … Only I wish!  Ideally three hours is wonderful, this way you can go to a few landmarks such as bridges, the Eiffel tower, the Louvres and the isle Saint Louis where we did most of this couple’s wedding photographs over one hour. It was fun, a lot of fun actually but a little bit fast for my taste! You got to do what you got to do though, we had to rush to the cocktail hour at the Crillon hotel to mingle with friends and family. So here is a little selection of wedding photographs taken in Paris over a one hour photo tour around the Isle Saint Louis which is simply gorgeous for sure!black tie wedding photographer Paris

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