Pregnancy photo at the Eiffel tower

Michael and his beautiful wife are soon expecting a baby. They wanted to celebrate this wonderful event in their life with a “couple pregnancy photo session” at the Eiffel tower. We got up early to get the best light; wake up call at 6am to get to the trocadero by 7am sharp … We did get the morning light just. My sweet couple was a touch late, I had a little time for myself and enjoyed watching the 15 something photographers who were snapping photos of their clients with the iconic Eiffel tower in the background. I highly recommend the Trocadero early morning for any young or keen amateur photographer wanting to take a free course in portrait photography. 15 photographers with 15 different styles + a photo workshop with a ballerina dancing away to the tune of the many clicks around her, all photographing their clients within 100 meter square. All very entertaining really! I realized once again that my style was quite different from everyone else … Light-hearted, natural, romantic, I want to make sure that my clients are themselves. A little posing, yes why not, most important I like to idea of capturing love and emotions, without intervening too much in an unobtrusive and natural manner.
One of a photographer was literally choreographing each poses, first playing the part of the girl then playing the part of her half. Those two lovely birds had to mimic what they had just seen. Interesting to watch … from the distance.

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My couple finally arrived, we played with some colorful balloons around the trodacero & walking down towards the eiffel tower, snapping away some fun photographs as we progressed. We released the balloons in a beautiful Parisian sky and headed to the Palais Royal to carry on with our photo session for another 45mn. The palais Royal was peaceful, always a gorgeous light there, it is such an enchanting space specially at this time of the day. Not a soul to be seen apart from an early jogger and a guy walking his dog. We had the park pretty much for ourselves.

We spent an hour and a half together in between two different locations. The Iconic Eiffel tower and one of the most charming renaissance park in the city. I gathered a selection of 65 edited and all retouched photographs in color and in black and white which I sent to my clients via wire transfer. They will get a set of gorgeous photos in high definition format so that they could make some very large prints if they wish as well as another folder with small JPG images calibrated and ready for the web. This way they can post on facebook, their favorite social media sites and share images with friends and relatives everywhere.

It is a nice way to share their love with everyone. They now have a great serie of photos that commemorate their love for each other and the forthcoming birth of their newborn child. I may be booked for some baby photos in a few months from now. It is ALL FUN!

If you are planning a trip to Paris, and are considering a photo session for your engagement, a secret proposal, some family portraits, get in touch, I would be glad to create a fun and stylish set of visuals for you to enjoy for the years to come. Paris is the perfect place for some romantic photography with your lover.