Paris Lifestyle photographer

Anna Louisa just flew back to LA with tons of gorgeous memories of her stay in Paris & some beautiful portraits of herself to celebrate the moment. I have just received a few words from her this morning:” Thank you so much! I love all of my photos. You are truly an artist and I feel so lucky to have worked with you. I leave Paris today but I will be back soon! :)” She was in Paris for the first time, decided to fly out all by herself on a short notice! I am so glad that we met and that I had the opportunity to document part of her Parisian experience with some lifestyle portraits. She wanted something special for her trip. No selfies but a fun professional photo shoot with hair and make up done at the hotel. One hour at the Eiffel tower mingling with the christmas crowd having some beautiful portraits done was our goal for the afternoon. I am sure that we will meet again. She fall in Love with Paris and will certainly come back in the near future. This time she wants to have an hour of photography around the boulevard saint Germain, the café de Flore and the 2 Magots where she was hanging out during her stay. I am surely looking forward to meeting up again in the spring time may be when the weather gets warmer.

I photographed Béatrice not long ago over at the boulevard saint Germain for the second time! She had a session at the Eiffel tower in the past and wanted something different although quite Parisian. Paris is a gem for cool lifestyle portraits. Almost any background give the visuals a romantic twist. I am glad I have the chance to take clients around the city from time to time for some private portraits. It is a lot of fun to do and you never run out of creative juice, possibilities are endless. I love the experience of meeting new people, share the experience of being in Paris, and take some beautiful portraits of them whether alone of with a partner or family. Most time we do keep in touch, and it is not rare that they get in touch again for another shoot!

Here are the photos taken with Béatrice in front of the café de Flore. It was a lot of fun as well.