Boudoir workshop in the French countryside

We do organize photography workshop from time to time in or around Paris. This time we took a small group of dedicated young photographers in the countryside close to Versailles for a woman boudoir’ish session outside of the studio or a confine environment. We looked at natural light and how to direct a photo shoot in a natural environment. I think that over a day, our “students” learnt a few important notions about light and the use of reflector to enhance a beauty portrait. My long time photographer friend Thierry Chomel tagged along for the afternoon as well. We had some cheese, wine and crackers + some yummy bread as well towards the end of the day at Thierry’s cottage while we looked at some of the images that we all took. It was a lot of fun & we should do it more often!
Our next sessions will be in the spring and we will communicate the dates after the new year so stay tune for some action in the spring with WeddingLight photography workshops in Paris.

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