Black and White classic photography – Le Moulin Rouge Paris

I do love photography as a craft, it has allowed me to express myself through out the years, meet very diverse people and travel places I would not have otherwise! It has been a mind blowing experience, very rich in human experience actually. I have been lucky enough to be able to express myself in various directions and fields from documentary work to editorial, more conceptual photography and of course weddings. In the world we live in today, you are often asked to have a specific field of expertise and perform within a niche so to speak. Reason why photographer because of the market tend to be quite specific and detailed when asked what do they do so to speak.

The spectrum is quite large, from editorial, to corporate, still life, wild life, sport and of course wedding photography. Because of high skill levels required today, you have to be very particular about your art. I guess that I am lucky enough that I can perform and create jumping into a few different markets which keep me quite busy and always challenged! It works for me quite well anyway. I am a photographer with a few different specificities.

Wherever my heart takes me with photography there is a constant thin line though. Overall there is always a  research of beauty in what I photograph. I am a portrait photographer by trade, i do love the complexity of a human being. When I photograph a person, I am looking at the inner soul as well as the aesthetics but one doesn’t go without the other. The beauty comes from within.

In a way, it is a blessing to photograph weddings because of all of the human emotions that enrich the day of one person’s wedding! It is visually quite thrilling to photograph a wedding. I love capturing wedding images, this is what this website is all about but from time to time I like to show another spectrum of my visual palet to my clients; reason for this post about a serie of photographs taken at the Moulin Rouge, part of an editorial for Marie Claire magazine. I hope that you will enjoy the photographs if you stumble on this post. Those lovely pictures may be a bit unexpected on a wedding photographers website but it is part of my work so I think that it is quite important for future clients to see. Plus I am sure that a few of you will enjoy those classic black and white photographs of showgirls at the Moulin Rouge backstage. There are many lovers of Paris out there. The Moulin Rouge is an institution! 

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