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Michelle & Matt gorgeous wedding video of their paris elopement

Michelle and Matt eloped to Paris a few weeks back. We had the great pleasure to capture their wedding video in the city of light. Matt wanted to add some super 8mm to the footage, Michelle wanted something free and lighthearted to document their special day. They first thought they would get a GoPro camera for the ceremony and somehow ask someone to record it. They finally decided to have a professional document the whole day for them. I am so glad they picked up WeddingLight! We had a great time and I think the final product shows beautifully, in an unobtrusive way their love for each other.

More and more of our clients decide to have video as well as photography for their wedding or elopement in Paris. Both photo and video convey different emotions, and moments that you will cherish for the years to come. It is great to have both recorded on film by a professionals if you can. As I say to my brides; time flies and after all those months of planning, your wedding day goes by so quickly you do want real wedding professionals to be there and document the day for you, your family and your children for the years to come. You will find the final product below, full of joy and happiness, romance and beautiful Paris in the background!
I love watching it myself, it brings back memories of a wonderful couple I had the pleasure to spend the best day of their life with! Such a privilege really…

Below a few remarks from some of our wedding couples who decided to have or not to have photo and video for their big day!

Susie & Fred

“While we are very please with our wedding photos, I’m now starting to have second thoughts about not having a videographer. I fell there’s nothing like having a film to capture the details, people’s faces/expressions, the vows that we wrote for each other — moments that I will surely miss during the day as a busy bee and that don’t necessarily get captured in even the best quality photographs.”

jason & Ondine

“Go for it !!!!! I promise you will not regret spending the money. You may not think you want to relive every minute of your wedding day, but after those moments you have been meticulously planning for months, fly by in what feels like seconds, you will be desperate for a way to remember it!”

Summer & Christian

“Sincerely, I regret not having a videographer for the day. I thought that I’d never watch it and I’d have my wedding album, but there are so many moments that you do not get to see as the bride. For exemple, I wish I could see what went on inside the church before I got there. I wish I could see my bridesmaids walk into the aisle. The whole wedding day went by so fast, after all those months of planning — I’d kill to have more memories of it and specially a creative video of the day now.”

Scott & Annis

“I was really concerned that I might regret not having a videographer — not only to capture the two of us an newlyweds, but mostly our close relatives. I know it’s kind of sad, but I know they won’t be around forever and I wanted to capture their voices and their joy over such a special reunion.”

Megan & Soul

“Photos are great, but nothing takes away the pleasure to sit with your husband and replay the story of your special day on film once in a while”

Paul & Jennie

“I was not a big video fan, but I bit the bullet and hired a professional that friends had recommended. I have to say that from time to time we sit down with a glass of champagne and watch it again. We had the whole day filmed including the ceremony and reception, and I love being able to see everything that I missed during the day, my friends and family having a great time, it is a lot of fun and quite moving still.”

Jay & January

” I only wish i had a videographer the day of our wedding. The festivities go by so quickly, you cannot help thinking you have missed so much of your special day once it is over. I look back now and wish I would have spent the money for a real professional to capture the day for us.”

Vicky & John

“Our videography was some of the best money we ever spent. It’s true that it goes by so fast, and you do see things you didn’t notice when you see the video. Absolutely zero regrets. Our reasoning was that if we’re going to spend so much money on one day, don’t you want to be able to relive it through video? Plus, we can show it to our kids.”

Pierre & Tiffany

“Our wedding video captured moments that the wedding photos did not. Sure, it turns up to be  quite expensive, but we decided to have documentary-style video of our day in Paris and we do not regret a bit, the film turned out beautifully showing all of the emotions of the day”


You can view more of our video work in Paris on WeddingLight website.